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Ok, we read of news that that police had arrested four individuals, including RMAF officers. When you see the Bali Mansion and the Klang (private, not royal) Palace, both in Selangor, and hundreds of millions if not billions ending up in individuals’ pockets, it’s hardly surprising that the ordinary mata mata or the RMAF airmen also want to ’emulate’ those notorious examples of fast-track to wealth? For more, read Haris Ibrahim’s We want ketuanan rakyat, not ketuanan Melayu, in Sabah. All nations. We also read in this passage that all nations who attempt to “move” or divide Jerusalem will “injure themselves”. From our “What Will They Think of Next” file, comes an oven that refrigerates as well as cooks. This good news comes with a side order of not-so-great news, though. The surprise announcement comes amid talk that the former Umno leader is locked in a squabble with PKR vice-president Azmin Ali.

Now dear Azmin Ali is in the limelight again, as a man highly unwanted in Sabah where he was appointed by Anwar Ibrahim as the PKR State chief. But where is the top leader’s responsibility in this shameful loss by the RMAF, when the 2007 chief of the air force has recently been promoted to become the chief of the three services (army, navy, air force)? An air force brigadier-general had to resign but with full benefits. I’m sure Americk Sidhu knew what he was doing and saying. But in today’s Malaysiakini news Americk stated “… The Malaysiakini latest news headline Zaid goes on leave, crisis in PKR? If you are an owner of one and you would like to get the latest news and you want to learn more about the associated accessories of the console, then a check of the Nintendo forum can go a long way. CAN then on STRIP any Malaysian of HIS/HER CITIZENSHIP, because of a racist statement made, or for whatever it believes Malaysians ought to have their citizenships taken away? Wee made the statement in support of PKR MP Azmin Ali when the latter called for changes in the Selangor exco line-up. 16 of PKR Sabah divisions have lodged their lack of confidence in Azmin Ali.

With PKR deputy president Syed Husin Ali to bow out of the party soon, both Azmin and Zaid are seen to be potential candidates to fill the post. But to boycott his Hari Raya party and to order Zaid to not attend the event is not only childish but damaging the opposition cause as well. For example, Sabah is throwing a Hari Raya bash and Dr Jeffrey Kitingan has invited Zaid Ibrahim as their guest. They want instead local boy Jeffrey Kitingan. If the PKR leadership thinks that Jeffrey should go then tell him so. They want him to boycott the event to send a message to PKR Sabah that Kuala Lumpur is not supportive of Jeffrey. Then let him go back to Barisan Nasional if this is what PKR wants. In the final analysis, the theft is symptomatic of our Malaysian malaise – everyone wants to get rich, and very fast. Naturally the locals have taken umbrage that ‘Kuala Lumpur’ (UMNO or PKR, WTF it’s still those penjajahan dari barat lah) has again shafted a West Malaysian down their throat as their ‘leader’. Today, while many drugstores have entire aisles devoted to a wide assortment of lip-care products, olive oil is still remarkably effective in keeping your lips soft and supple.

In our communities today, there are some areas where people are not allowed to harvest certain plant materials. We just can’t treat the East Malaysians like we are their colonial masters. I am sure the latter didn’t mean this, that we live in a totally corrupt regime where everyone has an opportunity to gouge the public, like their ‘leaders’. Santorini didn’t actually sink, after all, as Atlantis is said to have done. This is very puzzling, because despite anticipating Bala’s arrest after the (1st) SD, yet he didn’t accompany Bala to see Inspector Tonny Luggan? I encouraged Bala to go and meet Tonny informally as I felt it would have been to Bala’s benefit. “That was the arrangement made when Bala was in my office. You may also run across what is now being referred to as Class E Office Space in some cities. Various major cities and many villages were renamed.

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